Revision Breast Surgery -Extra Large Augmentation

This 35-year-old female patient from San Diego, California had breast augmentation 5 years ago by a previous surgeon in Thailand and was interested in going for a significantly larger look. After being referred to Dr. Pousti and many months of research the patient decided to proceed with removal and replacement along with overfilling saline implants.



The red arrows shown below indicate where the breast pocket revision (in this case opening of the pocket) must be performed to move the implant to a more pleasing location on the chest wall while giving the patient her desired cleavage.

DSC05428.beforedownMarkings and measurements are re-checked in the or while patient is in a sitting position to ensure symmetry.


800cc saline implants were overfilled in order to achieve the patient size goals and create the cleavage as well as outer fullness that she wanted.


Immediately After Surgery


Before/Immediately After