Extra Large Breast Implants – Overfilled Implants

Friday, August 20th, 2010

This 36-year old patient Imperial County in California previously had saline breast implants filled to 650cc in both breasts and was unhappy with the shape and size of her breasts. She wanted extra large breast implants.


4.8 left

Her friend told her about Dr. Pousti and so she decided to meet with Dr. Pousti in his San Diego office. She discussed in detail what she would like to achieve with breast revision surgery and after much discussion, she knew he was the best surgeon for her.

4.8 before surgery mark

4.8 marking laying down

The patient wanted to significantly increase in fullness, and she was unhappy with the previous size and position. Dr. Pousti will be placing internal sutures on her sides (laterally) for more projection medially.

4.8 before surgery side

Before surgery

4.8 one side side

After the internal sutures are placed, and temporary sizers are filled, Dr. Pousti sits the patient in the upright position to check for the patient’s desired shape and size.

4.8 done side

Immediately after surgery, fullness and volume is achieved with saline breast implants filled to 1230cc in both breasts.

4.8 done front

The patient is extremely happy with her results and is now 2-weeks post-op surgery.

Xl Breast Augmentation Revision

Friday, August 6th, 2010

This 36-year old patient from Albuquerque, New Mexico found Dr. Pousti on the Internet and she decided to under go breast revision surgery for the third time, this time performed by board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti. She is post-op breast augmentation surgery in 1996 and then revisionary breast surgery in 2003 (performed by other surgeons). She was unhappy with the size and shape of her previous breast surgeries.

DSC06833 front

006 left

She had seen many excellent before and after pictures of previous revisionary breast surgery patients of Dr. Pousti’s, and wanted to remove her previous implants and replace them with new larger implants. She e-mailed Dr. Pousti regarding breast surgery and after several consultations via e-mail and phone the patient flew into San Diego, California to have surgery performed by Dr. Pousti.

DSC04341 before surgery front

DSC04344 laying down

Markings were performed while the patient is in the upright and laying down position to plan and map her surgery to achieve best results possible.

DSC04345 no implants
The patient without implants

Her previous 450cc saline breast implants were removed.

DSC04346 front

The patient wanted to have XL implants (overfilled), in order to achieve her desired look, saline breast implants were used and filled to 900cc in both breasts placed submuscularly.

DSC04343 before surgery side

Before surgery

DSC04347 done side

Immediately after surgery

Revision of Breast Augmentation with Silicone-gel breast implants

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

This 28 year old patient from Denver, Colorado was interested in enhancing having revisionary breast surgery. She was not happy with her current silicone gel implants. She didn’t have enough fullness and didn’t like the shape of the breasts. She found Dr. Pousti’s website on the internet and flew out to meet with Dr. Pousti from Denver. She flew out 2 times prior to surgery and she and Dr. Pousti discussed her options in detail. After meeting with Dr. Pousti, she decided to proceed with bilateral revisionary breast augmentation with silicone gel implants.

Before Surgery ——- Only 1 week after surgery

She wanted better proportions and is extremely happy with her results.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti took care to achieve the fullness that the patient wanted. “Markings” were done to show where the fullness would have to be increased.

In the operating room before surgery.

In the operating room after removal of her saline implants and replacement with larger silicone gel implants.

As you can see here, with her previous implants, she did not have fullness or cleavage present.

Immediately after surgery, you can see a significant difference in the shape, size and fullness of the breasts.

This patient flew back to Denver, Colorado one week after surgery so these photos are very fresh but we will continue to follow up with the patient via e-mail.


I have a petite frame overall, but my upper body and chest particularly was way smaller than my lower body which is on the curvier side. My goal for breast augmentation to begin with was to have my upper body match my hips, thighs, and behind. My first breast augmentation was conducted in my home state where my first surgeon here was able to stretch my skin to hold 325cc implants. I went from a 32-A to a 32-D. I was not informed at this time about how my frame would do best with the types of implant profiles (high, moderate and low.) My first Doc used high profile implants so not only were my breasts too far apart for my body frame, they were also hard as rocks and hardly softened over a year after surgery. I also did not feel that my bigger cup size achieved my goal. I still wanted bigger breasts to balance my lower body and some natural cleavage. I knew my skin could stretch and I could go double the size.

After visiting with a couple of different surgeons in CO who all told me there was no way that my breasts could ever be closer together than they already were, nor could my frame handle bigger implants, I knew that there had to be a way. So I searched online for XL implants and found lovely Dr. Potusi’s office. I flew out from Denver to meet Dr. Poutsi and his staff one month after an e-mail consult. After this in depth consultation with Dr. Poutsi and his beautiful staff of ladies, I was confident he was the surgeon for me. So two months later I was scheduled and proceeded with my removal of implants and in with the new. Dr. Poutsi listened to my goals and members of his staff discussed thoroughly with me the outcome I desired.

As far as surgery, I was very pleased with the staff at Alvarado hospital. All made me very comfortable and eased my nervousness. To say the least, my surgery and experience was a blissful breeze. My results are so wonderful just after two weeks I can only imagine in the weeks to come how gorgeous they will be. My new breasts are moderate profile 700cc which give me the fullness up top which balances out my whole body. GOAL ACHEIVED! New bra size is now 30G. I would highly recommend Dr. Poutsi to anyone considering breast augmentation XL or smaller. You truly are going to the best. If you are from out of state like myself, BELIVE ME, it is well worth the flight and nights in San Diego to recover before you?re back on your way home feeling very content with your NEW BOD! !

Revision Breast Surgery- XL Breast Augmentation

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

This 37-year old patient from Valliant, Oklahoma was interested in implant revision surgery. The patient was status post breast augmentation surgery in March of 2009 performed by another surgeon.  The patient claimed her previous surgeon was very conservative and did not want to use implants any larger than 500cc.

Before Surgery Before Surgery

Unhappy, the patient researched for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who was experienced in extra large breast augmentation. The patient found Dr. Pousti and researched him for 8-months on the Internet. After several e-mails and phone consultations, the patient decided to fly into San Diego to meet and consult with Dr. Pousti.   Impressed by the number of successful extra large breast augmentation surgeries Dr. Pousti has done, the patient decided to proceed with surgery.

Dr. Pousti in the operating room Dr. Pousti in the operating room
Dr. Pousti checking for size and symmetry in the operating room. Dr. Pousti checking for size and symmetry in the operating room.
Before Revisionary Breast Surgery Before Revisionary Breast Surgery
After saline implants are overfilled to achieve XL look. After saline implants are overfilled to achieve XL look.

The patient is now 4-days post-op surgery and is ecstatic with her results so far and is looking forward to healing completely. The patient is now back in Oklahoma and will be sending pictures via e-mail for updates.

Revisionary Breast Augmentation: XL Breast Augmentation Overfilling Saline Breast Implants

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This 30 year old patient flew in from Arizona to have Dr. Pousti perform her revisionary breast surgery. She was unhappy with the shape, size and unevenness of her breasts. She wanted them “round and full”. She didn’t care if people knew she had breast implants. Dr. Pousti reviewed the risks of getting extra large breast implants and the patient decided that she would like to proceed with exchanging her current implants and replacing them with large saline implants that would be overfilled to give a large, round look. She wanted an Extra Large Breast Augmentation.

This patient decided to fly out to La Jolla to meet with Dr. Pousti and discuss all of her options the day before her surgery. She felt very comfortable with Dr. Pousti’s experience in revisionary breast surgery.

Markings were performed the morning of surgery. The lines show where the patient wanted extra fullness.

In the operating room, Dr. Pousti and his staff take care to give the patient the best result possible.

The implants were removed.

New saline breast implants were placed and overfilled to 1175cc on the right side and 1275cc on the left to achieve as much symmetry as possible.

She is only 3 weeks out from surgery but EXTREMELY happy with the size, shape and symmetry of her new breasts.

Wow! Where to begin! I came across Dr. Pousti after doing some extensive research over the Internet. I was very impressed with what I read on his website! I loved the fact that he is double board certified and specializes in extra large implants. I was very excited to get in contact with his office especially since there was a special area noted on the website for out of state patients……..since I live in Arizona. The office staff is so friendly and helpful and made it so easy to correspond with them and Dr. Pousti! It was as easy as sending some pics via internet and explaining my situation. Which had been a very long and depressing road up until coming across Dr. Pousti! I had four prior breast augs with two different doctors here in Arizona ALL resulting in my unhappiness, I never received the look I wanted which was the ” big,fake,round” look. I was even told by one of my doctors that I had to have my implants taken out completely because he said my body just couldn’t handle large implants! At that point I was so frustrated! But again I was reassured by Dr. Pousti’s credentials and felt very positive meeting with him. And let me tell you that couldn’t be more true! After the office staff worked with me on my schedule to plan a trip out there which was so easy to do! I was actually able to do my consult and surgery all in one trip which was great! When meeting Dr. Pousti at the consult I knew I had for sure chosen the right doctor, finally! He was so kind and reassured me that he could indeed give me the look I always wanted and fix my current problems that I was having. He treated me as if I was his only patient, so sincere and helpful! My husband and I felt very confident and comfortable proceeding with the surgery the next day. And I am so glad I did choose Dr. Pousti! Right now I am a little over three weeks past my surgery and I am FINALLY happy! I have the look I always wanted, but most of all I am happy and so pleased! And that is all thanks to Dr. Pousti and of course his wonderful staff! If you are reading this now…….know that this is the right doctor for you! He is amazing! Thanks again for all you have done!

Revisionary Breast Augmentation Removal of XL Breast implants: Replacement with Silicone Gel Implants Breast Lifting

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This 26 year old patient has been a patient of Dr. Pousti for many years. When she first met Dr. Pousti, she wanted to increase her breast size. She is a very tall young lady and so she wanted an Extra Large Breast Augmentation. She proceeded with breast augmentation surgery with saline implants.

She was extremely happy with her new body and enjoyed them for many years. After a few years, she decided that she would like to exchange her saline implants to silicone gel implants. She proceeded to have her extra large saline implants removed and replaced with smaller silicone gel implants. After Dr. Pousti examined her, they decided to proceed with implant exchange as well as breast lifting.

The saline implants were removed, silicone gel implants were placed and a breast lift was performed. She is so happy with her results.

Revisionary breast surgery: XL breast implants

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

This 71 year old patient from West Virginia found Dr. Pousti on the internet when she was searching for the best Plastic Surgeon to do her revisionary breast surgery . This patient was interested in removing her current breast implants and replacing them with much larger breast implants.

After meeting with the patient multiple times and getting medical clearance from her primary doctor, Dr. Pousti decided to proceed with surgery.

Immediately after surgery.

Dr. Pousti placed 800cc saline breast implants and overfilled them to achieve the results this patient wanted.

Revisionary Breast Surgery: XL Breast Augmentation

Monday, October 26th, 2009

This 23-year old patient from Seattle, Washington was interested in extra-large breast augmentation surgery. She was unhappy with the size and shape of her breast implants which were done by a previous plastic surgeon.

She found Dr. Pousti on the internet when she searched for “Best Plastic Surgeon in Southern California”. She wanted a surgeon who had performed larger breast implants and liked the results she saw on Dr. Pousti’s website.

She met with Dr. Pousti and discussed her goals. In order to achieve the look that she wanted, Dr. Pousti used 800cc saline breast implants made by Allergan Corporation filled to 1290cc on the left breast implant and 1340 on the right breast implant.

She is only 2 days post op surgery and is happy with her results.

Revision Breast Surgery:XL Breast Augmentation

Monday, October 26th, 2009

This 31-year old patient from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to Dr. Pousti for revisionary breast surgery. She researched for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and found Dr. Pousti on the Internet. Impressed with Dr. Pousti’s website and his before and after pictures, the patient contacted Dr. Pousti. After continuous communication via e-mail and phone, the patient decided to fly in to San Diego and meet Dr. Pousti.

After 10 years of having her first breast augmentation surgery, the patient decided to go through with the breast implant revision / exchange surgery. She wanted to achieve a much larger augmentation result as well. In order to achieve her desired look, Dr. Pousti used 800cc saline breast implants and overfilled them to 1026cc.

This patient is only 1-day post-op surgery and is very happy with results so far. The patient is back in Philadelphia recovering and will be keeping in touch via e-mail, phone, and will send pictures.

Revision Breast Surgery: XL Breast Augmentation

Monday, October 26th, 2009

This 23-year old patient from San Diego, California was interested in revisionary breast surgery. The patient was unhappy with her breast size from her previous breast augmentation / breast lifting surgery in 2008 (not performed by Dr. Pousti).

The patient did some research for another Plastic Surgeon to revise her surgery and found Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pousti. The patient explained that she wanted to be as big, round, and full as possible.She wanted XL breasts.

Dr. Pousti achieved her goal look by using 800cc, overfilled to 850cc for less chance of rippling, saline-filled breast implants on both breasts made by Allergan Corporation.